Campaigns that convert

Campaigns that convert

Conversion is our speciality

Reaching customers was never so easy, yet so hard

With the invention of the internet, social media and Google ads it’s never been easier to target and reach customers with marketing campaigns. However, because it is now so easy to do so everyone who knows a little something about social media is doing it. This means that it’s become harder to fight off the competition and reach the customers you really want. 

This is where our decades of experience come into play helping you to design and execute campaigns that convert. We will create customer-centric campaigns that focus on your customers’ needs, wants, and profiles to target them with the right messaging, at the right time, and in the right place. 

We do this in three stages. 

Campaign Design

  • We will work with you to identify your ideal target market, audience, or even company.


  • We will identify the correct platform to reach these customers, which might not always be online, and generate creative which will resonate with your audience. 


  • Messaging is key and we will host a workshop with you to create strong value propositions, offers and messaging that will convert your prospects into customers. 

Campaign Execution

  • Once the creative has been agreed the marketing assets will be created, including images, videos, animations and web landing pages. 


  • Budgets, targets and key performance indicators will be set and campaigns launched will be continually monitored to ensure 


  • Creative testing is an integral part of the campaign execution and will form the basis of the optimisation of budget, ensuring that campaigns perform exceptionally 

Campaign Analysis

  • During the campaign, results will be continually monitored to ensure performance is optimal. 


  • Test results will be analysed and acted upon swiftly to ensure absolute optimal performance


  • Regular campaign analysis reports will be delivered with daily results communicated in weekly and monthly reports. 

Case Study

Holistic Serenity

The Brief

Holistic Serenity created a new series of online courses and want to reach a specific target audience on Facebook. 

They had a very small daily budget but were open to increasing the budget with the improvement of the campaign performance. 

ad campaign example

The Design & Execution

Working with Holistic Serenity we created a series of video advertisements focusing each at a specific segment of the niche target audience, with clear focused messaging catered to each segment. 

We tested 3-6 creatives per segment and optimised the campaign as we discovered which messaging and creative resonated the most with the target audience. 

The ads went through several iterations, each improving conversion rates, and traffic to the website. 


Holistic Serenity campaign ran for April to May and saw visitors on the website increase from a daily average volume of 50 to 300. 

The campaign also increased the customer base by 300% and saw a monthly revenue increase by 314% in month one and a further 198% for the second month of the campaign period. 

Visitor volumes continued at double the original volumes post-campaign. 

The campaign generated £3 for every £1 spent on marketing, producing a healthy return on investment. 

ad campaign performance
ad campaign performance

Google Ads or Meta Ads we've got you covered!

No matter which ads platform you want to focus on we can help you with reaching the right audiences. 

Depending on the needs of the campaign we will create the ideal campaign to reach your goals and generate new business. 

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